Thematic Areas


ADIafrica Committees and Components at Global Panel :

  1. Governance and Social Responsibility, Leadership, Justice, Institutions and social rights, Human rights, Elections. Components: Election Observation and social rights, advocacy on leadership gaps, human rights, Democratic governance, Institutions and Justice.
    2. Education and Employment, Security. Components: Conflict Resolutions, human trafficking, sustainable education, entrepreneurship and education, sex education, skills development, security including social security.
  2. Sustainability and technology, economy and investments, development and innovation/ entrepreneurship Components : Technology for sustainability, sustainable development and economy, investments and innovation / entrepreneurship, investments for sustainable economy. 4.Agriculture/food security and Health Care provision. Components: Value addition, hunger eradication and nutrition for good health, trainings for health care providers and improving Health infrastructures, facilities and services.

5.Environment, climate Change and Crisis, Natural Resources/ Renewable Energy Components: Protection of forests and wild life, water bodies, sustainable mineral development and disaster handling, sustainable energy production and consumption.
6. Peace, Trade and International relations. Components: Peace building, International Justice and International Institutions, International cross border relations.