About ADIafrica

Africa Global Development for Positive Change Initiative (ADIafrica) is an International organization set up for promoting peace, leadership, transparency, good governance and training man-power for sustainable development in Africa and the world at large. As part of its activities, we collaborate with government, relevant Institutions, NGOs, development actors, peace practitioners, leaders of social justice, environmentalists, scholars, the academic, researchers, journalists and social workers in all fields of life in order to offer expertise in nine thematic areas of peace building, good governance and accountability, advocacy and leadership, health and agriculture, climate change, renewable energy, trade, International relations and communication which gears towards contributing positively to the sustainable growth and development of the developing world in general and Africa in particular.


The overall goals and objectives of the ADIafrica are:

  • To enhance good governance, accountability, and progressive leadership in Africa and the world at large through advocacy on transparent electoral processes.
  • To contribute towards peace building and innovation education system globally by undertaking funded research in areas of peace, ICT in education, education for all.
  • To promote proper management of the environment and natural resources.
  • To participate in regular media appearances to provide critical analysis on topical issues on climate change, peace, security, environmental and resource management.
  • To generate peer-reviewed publication of research in the form of policy briefs, working papers, journal articles, books/book chapters, collection of seminars and conference papers on the nine thematic areas.
  • To build and maintain networks for peace and development within and outside the continent.
  • To introduce innovative and scientific methods in agricultural sector in order to help enhance agricultural produce, improve preservation techniques to address food shortage in African region and elsewhere in the world. And, to reinstate and apply time-tested most effective learnt lessons that are abandoned by any superficial reason.


To implement ADIafrica’s sustainable development agenda on seeking solutions to Africa and the world’s development challenges through building synergies and generating innovation research.


The network seeks to engage and focus on relevant areas in education, peace and conflict resolution, good governance and accountability, advocacy and leadership, research, climate change, health and medicine, food security which aimed at informing policy formulation for all round sustainable growth and development, as well as peaceful co-existence in Africa and World at large.

E-mail: contactus@adiafricadev.org