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  • I understand ADIafrica is a non-violent Human Rights Organization, a non-Government Organization dedicated to the propagation of Sustainable World Development, peace, minorities and all Human rights protection, good governance and justice throughout the world; with the sole aim of uniting all the people of African and Developing countries where respect for fundamental human rights, love, friendship, peace and justice reign supreme.
  • And I also declare that I will not in any way engage in these acts against which ADIafrica stands. That I am joining ADIafrica voluntarily, without motive of material advantage of personal gain.
  • That I agree to respect the constitution and rules to work as a loyal member of ADIafrica, I will work towards making ADIafrica an even more effective instrument of social justice in the hands of the people of Africa and Developing countries.
  • And that I will defend the unity and integrity of ADIafrica and its principles and combat any tendency towards disruption and functionalism.
  • To help the poor in the society and the sustainable development of the world at large.