1. International Conference on Empower Women, Empower Society held on the 5th of June 2021, with 4 presenters who were all women, gave presentations on the following topics;
  2. Measure for Gender Equality and Equal opportunities in every sphere of life
  3. Poverty and Women’s Mental health
  4. Skill Development and vocational training for women in the Era of Covid-19 and Beyond
  5. Women and children Mental Health


  1. International Conference on Environmental Education held on 10th July 2021. Presentation of the following topics were made;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Environment and Environmental Challenges
  • Skills to identify and help resolve Environmental Challenges
  • Awareness and sensitivity to the Environmental Challenges Addressed by Experts.
  • Basic Environmental Education for students in Africa.


  1. International Convention on Improving Educational Practices in Africa and Developing Countries held on 10th August 2021.

Presentations were made on the following topics.

  • The Education system in Developing countries. An overview.
  • Online Educational in Europe and Asia.
  • Entrepreneurship Education in Primary and secondary schools: A pathway to innovation, Adaptation and prosperity
  • Roles of Global organization on Education system in post – covid-19 milieu.
  • Education for sustainability: challenges in Africa and Developing Countries
  • Education for sustainable Development as a tool for changes.



ADIafrica has carried out skill training program to help military widows in Nigeria on different skills (Cosmetology, modern catering skills, bead-making).

Enugu State       –       100 Widows in 2019

Lagos State        –       115 Widows in 2019

Uyo State           –       85 Widows in 2019

Benue State       –       94 Widows in 2019


ADIafrica has also carried out a free eye screening exercise for 100 children where their eyes were checked, drugs and glasses were administered in collaboration with Vision Forte.