ADIafrica Membership Benefits



People passionate about sustainability (this is the most important prerequisite for membership) and interested in joining ADIafrica activities as members to help ADIafrica to be sustainable by paying an annual registration fee, can count on the following benefits:

  1. Their local activities regarding sustainability would be hosted in ADIafrica websites (including social networking websites)
  2. They could use resources of ADIafrica, like subscribed Zoom links etc., to organize their local or even continental meetings and events and record them
  3. They get 10% discounts on all organized conferences and events by ADIafrica
  4. They will receive twice a year, , the planned worldwide distributed ADIafrica digital magazine, containing:
    • News from Africa and developing countries including research, development, innovation and education achievements, political and social news, investment and law frameworks, and policies especially for foreigners to collaborate and establish enterprises within developing countries
    • Articles of experts regarding sustainability and development
    • Advertisements of local and global activities on sustainability
    • The voice of communities and minorities in Africa and developing countries. All problems and achievements of communities and minorities will find the step in this magazine to speak loudly to the globe.
    • The voice of women in Africa and developing countries. All problems and achievements of women will find the step in this magazine to speak loudly to the globe. Moreover, this magazine is designed to be the voice for human rights in Africa and developing countries
    • Opportunities for investments in developing countries and all countrywide calls for funding competitions and innovation funding services, projects, jobs and more
    • Registered members will have the opportunity, after peer reviewing, of presenting their articles and activities for the benefit of the local communities and the globe

      In summary the digital magazine of ADIafrica will aim at being the mirror of Africa and developing countries.

  1. They will use with 10% discounts the resources of ADIafrica infrastructure for publishing services upon ADIafrica growing up
  2. They will get expert advice in organizing their events and 10% discounts for assistance and supervision in organizing events and writing their project proposals for
  3. They will get expert advice and 10% discounts for assistance in projects related to local problems with regards to the topics the growing expert team of ADIafrica global panel is involved in. This team aims at providing to all ADIafrica registered members professional advice and professional assistance in managing their reports and projects (for 10% discount), through ADIafrica website tools, regarding health, entrepreneurship, technology optimized use, education at all levels, environmental crisis and disaster management, law frameworks, investing frameworks, agriculture and economy development, enterprises growing up and management, start-up success, human rights protection, justice seeking and support, peace building, conflict resolution, political and foreign affairs and so on (see the list of topics of ADIafrica global panel)
  4. They will have for free access to all material at main website and social networking websites of ADIAfrica even private group material, including working reports, internal documents, educational material as well as access to contact data of other members and experts for communication needs regarding project collaborations in local and global level between interested
  5. They will have free access to events organized by the evolving large international community of ADIAfrica to strengthen friendship, brotherhood/sisterhood bonds between the members, such as digital bazaars during Christmas time exchanging ethnic gifts (including music compilation, pictures, videos, local art and paintings, craft items and more) and even more, depending on the creativity and willingness of the expanding community for strengthening member
  6. They will have access to ADIafrica channel in which there will be interviews to experts on different topics of interest for ADIafrica members. Some news about the development of our projects will also be broadcast. Enterprises interested in advertising their products will also be able to hire our services.